World Cup weekend part 2

Once we had settled on the boat, Jake was 'encouraged' to do some revising before watching the football while Adrienne and I tidied up. By 1:30 we were ready for some football action – England's first game against Paraguay. The Sheelin is just up the road from Erne Marine and a quick recce when we arrived gave us great hope – they had a large flat screen in the bar!

The match had just kicked off when we arrived, just in time to see the first and only goal. A glancing headed own goal from a Beckham cross! The groans of the locals were matched by the cheers of the English. Despite the banter and craic, the bar was just too smokey so we moved into the restaurant and had a grandstand leather sofa in front of a (smaller) TV and watched the rest of the rather dull match in smokeless comfort. On that performance, England haven't a mission of taking the World Cup any time this century.

After the game we went back to the boat and moved it round to the pump to get a fill of diesel – hopefully enough for the season. It cost £110 to fill both tanks, so it should be enough. (Eric didn't buy the line that it should only have been a tenner as the dial has gone round on itself. I think he had heard that one before!) While we were there, another boater came up and asked if this was the famous boat on the Internet! David had discovered it when he was looking for Brian Wylie's phone number and had read of our exploits! Great ice-breaker this site! He and his partner (wife? I have a poor memory, so don't be offended!) Debbie had moved up to Erne Marine from Carrybridge this year and so we had a great chat about the relative merits of each place. I think we both agreed that Erne Marine was an excellent choice.

David told us about an accident at the marina the previous evening – a young girl had fallen in and had been caught with the propeller of a small rib. Horrific. I couldn't stop thinking about it and what her parents must be going through all weekend. The line between joy and horror can be very small at times…

We tried out the local chipper for dinner – great cod and chips, so things just keep getting better and better.

After tea, we called Austin and Rhona to invite them down if they were at home. They arrive a couple of hours later with a bottle of red wine and a tube of Pringles. Being a crap host, I gave them glasses of white wine without asking what they preferred and slipped the Pringles to Jake. Sorry Austin, if you prefer red, just say. I promise to do better next time…

They told us about their trip to Thailand. Fascinating! They had a super time and even wanted to stay longer. Must have been good. One funny thing that I noticed is that they each had their own words for things and had gentle funny disagreements over which one to use in telling us about the trip. Rhona would say banquet and Austin would say "no, it was a buffet"! The veranda was really a patio! 🙂

As they were leaving, Jake and I cadged a lift back up to The Sheelin and watched Argentina beat Ivory Coast 2:1. We met Adrienne on the way back – she had come up to meet us with Tess. When we got back we settled in for the evening, played cards and went to bed.


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