World Cup weekend part 1

Adrienne, Jake and I went down to the boat last weekend to get some R&R. Jake's GCSE exams are almost over, so I think he deserved a break! He did his usual grumbling and moaning about wanting to stay at home and have friends over (hah! he thinks I don't remember what went on when I did that at his aged! no chance!) But he came in the end – it only took a bribe of a Spain football shirt and a big screen in a local pub to score the change of mind – men are such simple creatures! And supporting Spain for the World Cup is just so lame…

Holly was doing her thing – having a sleep-over with her m8s (They use texting gibberish with each other. Call me a grumpy old man, but what's wrong with proper spelling and punctuation – it's easier than trying to translate everything to txt just to be cool). She had the whole weekend mapped out so we had to just go along with it, even though we knew she would be as cross as a sack full of weasels by Sunday evening due to sleep deprivation!

The drive down got off to a super start. A row in

After a major strop and demanding we go straight back home, I kidnapped Adrienne and Jake and started driving to Fermanagh on the basis that it would either all blow over or they could find their own way home. Adrienne's apology after a half hours stony silence was much appreciated as I took this to be confirmation of the rightness of my position and actions!

We were is much better shape by the time we got to Bellanaleck. It is wonderful what Fermanagh does for the soul!


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