First weekend on the boat Day 2

With the excitement over and a good night's rest I did my usual trick – wake at the crack of dawn and start wandering around. Making coffee (Jake, who sleeps in the galley cabin, could sleep through a hurricane). Reading a book (the final chapters in the final book of Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse collection, "The Remorseful Day"… a very sad and poignant ending). And stumbling around the island with Tess.

When everyone else got up a few hours later we had breakfast and started to explore the interpretive center on the island. No one was keeping an eye on the time, so it was action stations when Brian Wylie called to say he was at the other jetty waiting for us!

The exit from the jetty was pretty good on one engine. We even had one of the Germans video our exit – his jacket had a "1" in a circle which I think is for Ard1 (see Wikipedia too). It was great to have an eventless exit caught on tape. (If anyone in Germany spots Harmony III on TV, let me know!)

When we got to the other jetty Brian was waiting for us. He quickly got on whipped the hatches off and started dismantling the impeller bit (goodness knows what the name of this bit is). When he got the rubber impeller out, it was pretty obvious what the problem was! It had no blades left.

For good measure Brian changed the impeller on the port engine too – it had blades but the rubber was a bit dozed and was like the same age as the other one.

The water pumping out the exhaust improved but still wasn't right. He tried a few thing. He put an 'O' ring on the filter cover. He disconnected a few pipes to see if there were any bits lodged in them. But he couldn't find a reason for the reduced flow. However, since it was running well enough and we were planning to go back to Bellanaleck, he said he would look at it in the next few weeks to see if he could fix it.

We left the jetty, circled Devenish Island and cruised down through Enniskillen to Bellanaleck again. No panics. No problems (aside from the starboard engine running a little hot). The berthing back at Erne Marine was excellent despite battling a strong current going North and a strong wind blowing South.

The rest of the evening was spent going for a walk with Tess to The Moorings and back along the main road, revising (Jake and Holly, not us!), barbecuing some chicken, playing cards and bringing the inflatable from the previous owner's house to the marina. Holly spent a couple of hours paddling around – Jake became crew cameraman with his granda's video camera. His framing and timing was pretty good – must have got it from his 'old man'!

After a few hands of cards we turned in for the night…


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