Scrubbing the decks!

So, a day scrubbing. Lovely jubbly! Harmony III is now looking more beautiful than ever (it's in the eye of the beholder by the way). Adrienne did most of the inside, I did the outside… with Holly, sometimes! As we walked away at the end of the day, we gave the boat the once over and it was gleaming. Well, all except one small bit. The windscreen had a couple of dirty squidgee marks. Guess who was responsible for that? I couldn't possibly confirm that it was Holly… 😉

The fenders (sometimes referred to as floaters!) took the most scrubbing. And jolly pleasing it was. Instant results. Black becomes white. Quite a difference it made. Clean floaters fenders make a heck of a difference.

The kitchen galley (must get used to these nautical terms) was gleaming. The head (see, I know what a toilet is!) sparkling. And the rest of the woodwork and upholstery was spiffed up.

We picked the boat up from Carrybridge with a recharged battery and managed to get both engines going. Beautiful! Humming like a bird. Purring like a cat. Holly and I took her up to Erne Marine in Bellanaleck again and ran off a few minutes of video on my dads camera on the way. (I hope to cut it and upload it to google video, guba or Youtube or some other service and post it here sometime soon).

The trip was pretty uneventful, apart from heading to the wrong side of the depth marker (is it white or red for danger?) and Holly insisting we go left instead of straight on at the same point she tried to get us lost last week! It must be the Upper Lough's Bermuda Triangle – all navigation systems and sense go skew whiff when you enter the area.

We were a bit naughty and pushed the throttles open for a few moments. Marvellous! The boat ripped. Not exactly jet-ski speed but very respectable for a 26 year old cruiser. Certainly faster than any of the single engine rental boats we hired in the past.

When we got to Erne Marine, Adrienne had met up with Eric who looks after the place at the weekends and got the low down on what's what. My berthing was rubbish or course – I had an audience (why is there never anyone around when things are perfect?). I managed to put a small new stripe on the hull with the edge of the pontoon. Drat! It should T-cut out though.


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