It was a father and daughter sort of a day


Originally uploaded by harmony_iii.

Holly and I took the boat from Bellanaleck to Carrybridge this afternoon while Adrienne drove the car round. Things started wrong – the starboard engine wouldn't start. I think the battery was run down on. Not sure why, because Austin managed to get it started easily last week. I'll have to call him to get some advice. We did the journey on just the port engine.

But the trip was great fun with Holly… up to the point she took us the wrong way (went right rather than straight on). I had to take control and turn us back round. Of course in Holly's World, dad's are always wrong, so "it was clearly your [my] fault"!

When we tried to dock at the public jetty in Bellanaleck, we had the usual shennanigans. Everyone shouting at each other rather than listen to my clear and masterful instructions (well, I am the Captain after all!) I hashed the first attempt then had to back up to turn her round for another go. If I hadn't shouted loud enough I think Adrienne would have been water skiing off the jetty with the bow rope as we went backwards. Thankfully she got the wild gesturing and bellowing calls and tossed the rope back on board.

The second landing was a success so we only resorted to shouting at each other about tugging the boat forward to a better mooring! Ho, ho. Being in charge of a two woman crew is very stressful!


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