Insurance for boats

I have finally got insurance sorted out on Harmony III. It should have be easy. I mean, it's just a car on water, right? Oh no. The questions asked are telling – "will the boat be out of the water overwinter?"; "where will it be stored"; "does the boat have a survey?" The long and short of it is that boats over 15 years need a survey; if they are overwintered on land in a boat yard the premium is cheaper; and not all surveys are equal (there are those from qualified marine engineers and there are hull reports from boat yard mechanics).

Here is the cost:

  • £290 pa from Allianz Northern Ireland
  • £150 for a survey (includes taking it out of the water)
  • £300 to overwinter in a yard (includes taking it out, winterising the boat and putting it back in the Spring).

The boat will have to be out of the water by the end of October and will be back in at the end of March. We are probably using Tom Leonard's yard in Carrybridge for this.


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